Putting Policies and Procedures into Perspective

April 17, 2017

When organizations need to ensure workforce alignment, increase efficiencies or overcome an obstacle they often rely on new policies and procedures to achieve these goals. However, outlining policies and procedures is only half the battle. To thrive, an organization must work to guarantee all team members, from upper management to the front lines, are trained to understand, interpret and adapt to the varying situations they face on the job. This is possible through the development of “soft skills,” but don’t let the word “soft” fool you. When you invest in training and development that improves your team members’ ability to make decisions, build relationships, communicate and adapt you will we see hard, tangible bottom-line results.

The pitfalls to avoiding or waiting for the “right time” to invest in soft-skill training imposes serious risk to your organization. Case in point, United Airlines. If you have had even a moment to watch the news or scan a social media site this past week, you’ve seen what is possible when the confines of “following procedure” without adequate training, can have seriously negative outcomes.

Policies and procedures give you boundaries, but training in soft-skills, along with a good dose of common sense, will get you the results you need; satisfied customers and an engaged, highly functioning workforce.

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Christie Grassmyer
HR Advisor

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