Associated Industries Announces New Leave Management Solution, LeaveAdmin

June 10, 2020

LeaveAdmin offers employers an efficient and cost-effective alternative to managing complex Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) and other leaves of absence

Associated Industries, an employer association, and HR/Legal services organization, announces the launch of LeaveAdmin, a comprehensive absence management service backed by market-leading software and experienced human resource professionals. 

The association currently offers FLMA guidance and employment law advice through membership but is expanding its capabilities to include the administration of federal, state, local, and company-specific types of leaves. The technology behind the service features innovative tools that include streamlined employee and manager communication, detailed reports, various security levels to ensure confidentiality of sensitive information, and incorporation of all federal and state law administration. This specialized service allows business owners and human-resource managers to focus on higher-level activities and priorities. 

LeaveAdmin’s service lead and Senior HR Advisor, Katie Bechtol, states, “We have been developing this service line for well over a year. Our members have asked for an expansion of our leave services, and this solution is the result of their input and our extensive experience in compliance and human resources.  We know that managing FMLA and other leaves can be costly and time-consuming. This service will enable HR teams or those wearing the HR hat to rely on a dedicated team of leave professionals to manage the ongoing complexities of leave administration and free up internal time and resources to focus on other organizational objectives.”

Associated Industries’ leave specialists work with employers—organizational education, answering employees’ questions, processing requests for leave and sending required forms and letters—while maintaining compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, and company policies.

For more information on Associated Industries’ contact our LeaveAdmin team today!