Mandatory Harassment Training for Isolated Workers

March 31, 2021

RCW 49.60.515 focuses on protecting isolated workers in the hotel, motel, retail, security guard and property services industries.  The statute took full effect on January 2021 and requires employers to adopt a sexual assault and harassment policy and provide mandatory training, among other obligations. It’s likely that you already have a policy in place, but do you provide yearly training to staff? Unlawful Harassment & Discrimination training could very well be last on your to-do list- we get it, there’s a lot that goes into running a business! Maybe you don’t think it’s going to happen at your company. Maybe you think that everyone knows what harassment and discrimination is and people won’t engage in that kind of behavior. Maybe you think this kind of training just isn’t necessary. Regardless of what you think might or might not happen, we highly recommend you provide yearly training to your staff (and remember, for some of you in the sectors listed above, it’s now a law!) Yearly training sets the tone on the message around harassment and discrimination and helps set a baseline for the information given to employees. Training can be your first line of defense in preventing damaging behaviors from occurring and in the event of an allegation or accusation, training can ensure that reports are handled properly and in a timely manner.  You know what harassment and discrimination is, but do you know what to do about it?

As a member of AI there are options for you to easily provide yearly training. Please email with any questions or to schedule a training.

Virtual Training – $500

Custom webinar (one year, unlimited views) – $1000

Virtual Training session + custom webinar – $1200