They make it possible for small business to function at the same level as large business.  They help me run my business better.
I have used Associated Industries for several years, both for training classes as well as Human Resource information. I find them very professional and always very helpful. I am so happy that we use A.I.!
Having the ability to call the HR and legal teams with questions is one of the best tools I have at my disposal. A perfect example is a call I made to the hotline on a FMLA situation I had never dealt with. The HR and legal teams took the time to make sure I went forward in the best way for the organization, but with the understanding that our employee’s needs were of utmost importance.  I am grateful they are just a phone call away when I need them. Whether they answer my question on-the-spot or go back to the team first, I know I am getting the best advice.
A+ customer service! Always responsive and helpful. If I have an issue/question, one call or email and they go above and beyond without over-complicating the matter. They make this crazy insurance stuff simple. Thank you!