I would like to note the excellent customer service I have been receiving from Joyce Anderson and it’s a pleasure to work with her.  You don’t know how wonderful it has been that she has answered my calls every time I call her. She worked on helping our client with a date of birth that was wrong in the system so he would get his rx that evening with only a few minutes to go before I had to leave. I was able to let the client know this was getting fixed asap and that his employee will be able to pick up his prescription without having to wait until the morning. Your whole office is very helpful and a great benefit to us to work with but having Joyce actually answer the phone was the highlight of my day. No carrier is answering the phones at this time and we all know why but it doesn’t help when you can't talk to someone personally and just have to wait for email responses especially this time of year.
Having the ability to call the HR and legal teams with questions is one of the best tools I have at my disposal. A perfect example is a call I made to the hotline on a FMLA situation I had never dealt with. The HR and legal teams took the time to make sure I went forward in the best way for the organization, but with the understanding that our employee’s needs were of utmost importance.  I am grateful they are just a phone call away when I need them. Whether they answer my question on-the-spot or go back to the team first, I know I am getting the best advice.
I have used Associated Industries for several years, both for training classes as well as Human Resource information. I find them very professional and always very helpful. I am so happy that we use A.I.!
A+ customer service! Always responsive and helpful. If I have an issue/question, one call or email and they go above and beyond without over-complicating the matter. They make this crazy insurance stuff simple. Thank you!
They make it possible for small business to function at the same level as large business.  They help me run my business better.