Effective Mediation Services

Resolve disputes and enhance your work environment's cohesion

Navigating internal conflicts can be a daunting challenge, one that not only strains your team’s dynamics but also diverts valuable resources from your core mission. We’ve seen firsthand how such disputes can undermine an organization’s progress and morale.

Our Solution

Our commitment to developing and delivering top-tier mediation services stems directly from the needs of our member employers, who have voiced a clear need for more professional assistance in navigating workplace disputes. 

To address the needs of our members and clients looking for effective mediation services, we’ve relied on Senior Legal Counsel Jennifer Hanson. Jennifer, equipped with a rich experience in resolving complex legal disputes and a solid understanding of employment law and litigation, has proactively expanded her capabilities with specialized training at Pepperdine’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution.  

Our approach is direct and pragmatic. We focus on understanding the core issues at hand and crafting solutions that restore efficiency and team cohesion. Jennifer’s law background and mediation training equips her with the necessary skills to navigate complex disputes with a focus on clear, actionable outcomes. 

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Don’t let internal conflicts compromise your team’s focus and productivity. Contact our professional services team to discover how our specialized mediation services can lead you to resolve disputes and enhance your work environment’s cohesion.