Real Stories, Real Impact

How membership has helped fellow business owners or HR professionals overcome HR challenges.

Patrick DeVries, DeVries Business Solutions
Jeanna Brewer, Fairmount Memorial
John Dickson, Spokane County United Way
Heidi Workman, City of Liberty Lake

As an HR professional with many years of experience, I still find myself relying a great deal on the expertise of Associated Industries’ legal and HR teams. The employment laws in WA are very complex and everchanging, and sometimes I get stuck and can’t find the answer to an HR issue…This is when Associated Industries’ teams really shine. I know that all I have to do is send an email or make a call to the member care team and they will come to my rescue (their response time is phenomenal, by the way). Not only do they provide an answer to my question, they provide a reason for the answer. I always walk away a bit wiser after working with Associated Industries!

Wendy Peter, KXLY

This group of professionals provide amazing support and guidance for our HR practitioners and business operators. They are so thorough in their work and so wonderful to work with. From Employment Law to Human Resources and beyond, they have provided us with the best information and training I could hope for over the last decade. The confidence Associated Industries gives us with their professional and timely support and guidance is invaluable and so appreciated.

Dana Wilson, Pawn 1

They make it possible for small business to function at the same level as large business.  They help me run my business better.

Associated Industries Member

I have used Associated Industries for several years, both for training classes as well as Human Resource information. I find them very professional and always very helpful. I am so happy that we use A.I.!

JR M., Vandervert Hospitality

Having the ability to call the HR and legal teams with questions is one of the best tools I have at my disposal. A perfect example is a call I made to the hotline on a FMLA situation I had never dealt with. The HR and legal teams took the time to make sure I went forward in the best way for the organization, but with the understanding that our employee’s needs were of utmost importance.  I am grateful they are just a phone call away when I need them. Whether they answer my question on-the-spot or go back to the team first, I know I am getting the best advice.

Jeanne Brewer, Fairmount Memorial